Monday, April 23, 2012


I have been super lazy for weeks. I have no excuses. The buck stops here.

I have fallen off the wagon with making lunches and also my weekly exercise has almost become non-existent. Also, poor Mark has ended up with a ridiculous mash-up of stupid lunch options.

This stops today.

I have re-read a few of the latest healthy food guides to get some inspiration for great lunches and dinners. I found a cool recipe Patty Pan Frittata with Bacon and Corn except I will use chicken bacon. These are cute, small little snack-sized frittata.

I am going to experiment with making different kinds of soup. We also need to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. I'm considering cutting cheese right back and instead focussing on feta or cottage cheese. Also beans will start to form the basis for more of our meals.

I actually compiled all our recipes into one cookbook; it is a mix of recipes that we love and recipes to try. As we go through and try all the recipes we keep the one’s we love and delete the one’s we do not. Eventually we should be left with a cookbook that has tried and true recipes. I want to aim to cook at least 1-2 recipes from this a week until we have tried them all as I have at least 140 more to add to it. I think that the plan going forward is to only add recipes we have tried into the cookbook.

A friend suggested I blog my food and exercise everyday to keep myself honest; so that is what I plan to do.

Here is the honest truth.

I weighed in this morning.  I weigh 147.6kg and if I want to be 129kg when I go to Rarotonga it means losing 18kg which is about 1.5kg per week. It means more exercise and not having “treats” each time I get a coffee from my favourite cafĂ©. It means being prepared with snacks and meals. It means have a glass of water if I am still hungry after a meal.


  1. You can do this Ness! Looking forward to us doing the spin class together on Sunday!

  2. You can do it! I'll do it with you, I'll be good and blog everyday about my food and exercise. I really need to up the exercise efforts, I've been soooo slack. So for me I'm aiming for 15kgs in 12 weeks.

    We can do it!!