Tuesday, April 24, 2012

83 days

There are 83 days to go until our trip to Rarotonga. So to keep me honest and on track a close friend suggested a blog-a-day challenge about my food and exercise.

Food was pretty good except dinner (which I was so excited about all day) took a lot longer than expected. We had Baked Lemon and Sesame Chicken from the Healthy Food Guide.

Next time I make it I am going to make some changes.

  • use a bigger baking tray so the vegetables are spread thinner and cook quicker
  • toss the chicken in a mix of lemon, garlic and olive oil and then top with sesame seeds
  • a bit more salt and pepper

We also went food shopping. My challenge was to get more exciting things for lunches. So Mark has a Tasti Snak Log, Little Ripper Meat thingy, yoghurt, coco pops, leftovers, a juice box and a little Whittakers chocolate and peppermint bar.

I also made the mini frittatas with chicken bacon and I am going to store these in the freezer for different lunches. So 2-3 Frittatas, sweet chilli sauce and a bit if salad. Done.

I had a late night Milo and milk and it tasted different. That made me a bit sad.

I did go to Delish Cupcakes and I did not have a cupcake. Also, there were no quick trips to my favourite cafe for afternoon treats.

I was hungry leading up to dinner though and ended up having a cheese roll.

No exercise, but about 4 litres of water.


  1. Good job on avoiding the afternoon treats. I read somewhere (and have since tried it and found it worked for me) that if you budget into your daily eating/calorie allowance some chocolate or cake treat, then it makes it so much easier to resist the temptation at other times. I took to having a bag of Whittakers Dark Chocolate Minis in the cupboard, and would have one after dinner each night (as thats when i really want to snack on sweet treats) - knowing i could have it meant i looked forward to it, and then after i'd savored it, i didn't go looking for more as i had actually satisfied my sweet need....

    1. I am totally hopeless with treats. I have the best cafe around the corner from work with so many yummy things. We just got the Whittakers Dark Chocolate mini's from the supermarket yesterday. I figure I could have one 'if' (and only if) I exercise during the day. Then I will have it, savour it and really be "present" while eating it. Rather than shoving it in my face while watching TV or doing something else. I figure dark chocolate is a better treat than most. :)