Friday, April 27, 2012

80 days

I am still eating WAY too much.

This weekend will be spent planning some fantastic meals for the following week; low calorie, low-GI and more vegetables. I would love to do some roasted cauliflower.

I need to be better prepared for eating out. We went to Wagamama for dinner and I ordered the Katsu Curry…I honestly thought I was ordering something different. Entered it into My Fitness Pal and it had a whopping 800 calories. WTF! So, next time I will try and aim for a stir-fry chicken with rice and NO chocolate cake.

Minimal exercise although managed a very short walk at lunch time and we walked around Sylvia Park.

I rubbed my thigh raw on my Wednesday night walk and that is sore; first time that has happened since I started the walking thing.

Friday definitely needs to be a very, very good eating day. I think I have my breakfasts sorted with Special K Berries and yoghurt. Could throw in a boiled egg I guess.

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