Thursday, April 5, 2012

End of Daylight Savings

This week started out very well and then Tuesday night it kind of fell over a little when I did not go for my evening walk.

However, the good thing is, is that it is not the end of the week yet. It is the last day of the work week and we are spoilt with a 4-day weekend. I have decided that I am going to hit the gym for the next 4 days in the morning and then enjoy some slightly longer walks in the late afternoon. I am excited about this.

My eating is still a bit out of control. I am constantly craving sweet things and pasta. So the best thing I think is to just go cold turkey until I can get over craving shitty food. Avoid my triggers. Make sure I eat enough protein.

I came across a fantastic blog the other day which resonates with me; 6 Ways to Kick ThoseSugar Cravings to the Curb. So I am going to fill our freezer with beautiful, chopped frozen berries and banana. The cupboards will be full of lovely, healthy nuts, dates and I will give Quinoa another try.

There are 14 weeks until Rarotonga and I will be damned if I am going to weigh as much as I do now (incidentally that is 146.6kg as at 4th April). I want to be fitter, healthier and happier when I hit the beach in Raro and ideally I would like to be 129kg, which means losing approximately 1.2kg per week.

So the next 14 weeks will be full of exercise and healthy eating. It also means probably watching less TV, more sleep, less social media and writing my blogs faster.

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