Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 40 – w/c Saturday 1st October, 2011

Saturday (01/10/11) ~Went to the gym and then to visit my parents. Then raced to Café Crave in Kingsland to catch up with Lou, Niamh etc. Had the most AMAZING cheese scone and then onto Newmarket to see a friend that I haven’t seen for such a long time. Busy, but amazing day. No photo.

Sunday (02/10/11) ~ Pretty much spent the day relaxing in bed with the cats and watching TV.

Monday (03/10/11) ~ Mark home from Wellington; nice to see him! Went on a mad dash to the Laundromat to wash and dry all the bed linen etc.  Here are the cats and the bear enjoying the freshly made bed.

Tuesday (04/10/11) ~ Gym first thing and then I discovered Pita Pit’s new Newmarket branch. No photo.

Wednesday (05/10/11) ~ I went to Pita Pit for lunch (again) and then went and ate at the Domain as it was a beautiful spring day. I watched the end of Kinky Boots and then Just Right. I am totally committed to getting my iTunes sorted so that every song has its BPM. I have about 400 songs updated out of almost 2,200. 

Thursday (06/10/11) ~ I had a quick gym session in the morning and then a catch up with the Delish girls at lunch time. Beautiful day! No photo.

Friday (07/10/11) ~ TGIF. Pita Pit for lunch and bumped into Bec and Dan. Then went to the Domain to eat and read. Watched some TV in bed and Daisy slept.


  1. How on earth are you managing to go through iTunes and get all the BPM's sorted?
    And when you are done with yours - can you come and do mine please? Thanks Ness xxx

  2. Well.....I am a little OCD. So first I tidied up my iTunes library and now I am using Beatunes to analyze my library for BPM's. I hope they are pretty accurate, but it's hard to know and it takes time. There are other options though, but you have to convert your iTunes music files to another format. *sigh*