Monday, October 10, 2011

The Night where Ness got called a Dipstick

Last night I got called a 'dipstick' on Twitter by someone I do not know because apparently I should have checked my facts before “mouthing off”.  

The irony is, is that a lot of New Zealanders (including journalists, radio broadcasters and even an All Black; not part of the RWC squad) spoke up at their frustrating that a particular TV network did not show the live presentation of the 100th test match cap to Mils Muliaina after last night’s RWC match.

Instead we ended up watching some post-match analysis and interviews. I guess I was confused (along with others) as we had watched the full presentation to McCaw of his cap by Jock Hobbs.  So what was different in this instance? Or did I miss something?

So after a bit of digging on the net I now realise that the TV network was under particular obligations for post-match interviews at the same time as the presentation was taking place. You can read the article on Stuff here plus all the assorted comments. Nevertheless, if this was the case then why not start the presentation straight after the post-match interviews?? Okay, after watching the bit from Campbell Live I understand a bit more about the "world feed"; how they decided the world would not want to see a brief capping ceremony is beyond me. But there you go.

What I actually resent is being told off in a public forum for a tweet on my personal twitter page which simply reflected what a lot of New Zealanders were already thinking. To be honest if other New Zealanders, journalists and even rugby players themselves commented about it publicaly on Twitter etc.…then surely there are a lot of people that have not checked “their facts” or were confused about what had occured and why.

So ultimately, I might be a dipstick but at least I know that I was not alone in expressing my disgust. By the way…at least my team is still in the contest. #JustSayin'

P.S. I certainly think that the TV network in question have their big boy panties on and can defend themselves against people's opinions.

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