Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week 39 – w/c Saturday 24th September, 2011

Saturday (24/09/11) ~Went to the gym and then to visit my parents. Had a bit of a “blah” afternoon and then had dinner and watched the French vs. All Blacks game at Raewyn’s house. No photo. 
Sunday (25/09/11) ~ First day of daylight savings time and I slept late. Went up to Raewyn’s to talk about photos for Trade Me. Made pancakes for lunch and had a flat white. Watched recorded TV for the rest of the day and then finally I sorted out our monthly organiser for gym sessions and dinners.

Monday (26/09/11) ~ Busy day at work with two client meetings. I made Garden Lasagne to freeze for lunches and dinners. No photo.

Tuesday (27/09/11) ~ Gym first thing and then a quiet morning at work. Lunch at Delish. I made chocolate chip cookies successfully for the first time after I received a fabulously ‘no-fail’ recipe from a gal on Twitter.

Wednesday (28/09/11) ~ Total ‘vege-out’ night. P.S. I am now OVER Garden Lasagne. No photo.

Thursday (29/09/11) ~ Mark flew to Wellington for the weekend to celebrate his dad’s birthday. I love my husband, but I also enjoy my space. No photo.

Friday (30/09/11) ~ Last day of September…scary! No photo.


  1. The cookies look yummy! What recipe did you use? I've been using this one for a few years but am always on the lookout for other baking ideas.

  2. They were great and I gave most of them away as I made a double batch. Looking at your recipe; they are virtually identical (except for the egg I think). I got mine off a Twitter person :)