Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Almost 500 calories burned…

Managed to get my butt out of bed a bit earlier this morning and go to the gym. This means that I got in almost 60 minutes of cardio and burned almost 500 calories. I am totally committed to getting up tomorrow morning and doing the same. This time I WILL burn 500 calories!

By the time I got to work I was really thirsty and hungry and I let myself down a little and had 2 cheese scones, a truck load of water, orange juice and coffee. So really the scones were a bad choice considering I had Special K cereal and fruit at work. I think I was probably too hungry by the time I got to work to think rationally!

Last night at the supermarket armed with Susie Burrell’s blog about choosing better snacks I perused the muesli bar options. After going through about 6-8 different packets/brands I finally found the perfect option. Can you guess what it was? Special K!! So how does it stack up against Burrell’s criteria?

Burrell’s guide:
Calories – 150-200cal = 600-800kJ
Carbs – 20g per serve
Protein – 5-10g per serve
Saturated fat - <3g per serve

Special K Chocolately Bars (Caramel)
Calories – 88cal
Carbs – 15.7g per serve
Protein – 2.1g per serve (a bit low, but still reasonable)
Saturated fat – 1.2g per serve

So that’s a win! They also taste fabulous! What’s your favourite snack?

I had some new music on my iPod and my favourites from today’s workout were:
Dub Me Crazy ~ Bulletproof and Jessie G
Around the World / Harder Better Faster Stronger (Live) – Daft Punk

So thanks Phoebe for Dub Me Crazy and Kat for Around the World.

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