Friday, October 7, 2011

Personal Space and 2 months, 19 days

I was in Pita Pit (my new favourite place) the other day and it was really busy. There was a huge line that was almost out the door. As the line moved toward the counter I realised the woman behind me was really in my personal space.

While I am a really physical person and I love hugs I hate strangers being in my personal space. I hate it in shops, at the supermarket and in public. Oh and I do feel overwhelmed when I am in a crowd; a far cry from being sandwiched into the Super Top with a huge crowd watching the Chemical Brothers perform at the Big Day Out.

Now I do not know if it is because I am overweight or whether I would feel that way if I was smaller. I guess I am always conscious of how much room I take up and I try to move through crowds without brushing up against people, or encroaching on their personal space. Essentially, I try and make myself be as ‘small as possible’. I also look at spaces that I need to move through and gauge whether I will fit through. If not, then I look for the alternative route.

What I do not understand is how people can have NO CLUE that they are invading people’s personal space. It just makes me really annoyed and frustrated especially when I move away from them and then they move to take up the excess space. Then I am back at the start with them in my personal space again. Even side glances (or glaring) at them does not even seem to make a difference. Are people just not aware that sometimes they are just too close? Or am I just being a Drama Queen?

What do you do when strangers get in your personal space?

In other news my personal trainer informed me that it’s about 11 weeks until Christmas and it is my choice how much weight I lose before then. So will it be 11kg or 22kg? Yesterday, she gave me an outline of what I should be eating throughout the day based on exercising 4 times per week. So I am going to try and stick to that and for the next few weeks cut out the treats and pasta.

Eating breakfast is a huge issue for me as I struggle between wanting sweet (i.e. cereal and fruit) vs. savoury (poached eggs and English muffins). I have no idea why some mornings only savoury will do?

What is your favourite breakfast option during the work week?


  1. Every single day I have a bowl of special K with a banana chopped up on top. I thought I'd be sick of it by now but I still love it and look forward to it every day! In winter I used to want something warm so I'd have a piece of toast. Just one piece of toast doesn't seem too fulfilling though

  2. Oh I love Special K with berries. I would have had it this morning but don't have enough left...perhaps I should just make do. I reckon toast with avocado, egg, tomato would be yummy. I also have a fabulous bircher muesli recipe. YUM!

  3. I hate it too! I always feel like throwing an elbow behind me. I've never actually done it, but man I would like to see their personal-space encroaching asses doubled up on the floor!

    Occasionally I just start casually moving a lot. If your body starts taking up more 'space' by moving, people seem to back off. If I 'accidentally' hit someone while doing it I turn around and say "ooh, sorry, you're mighty close aren't you?" It's kinda passive aggressive but I figure it's better than assault :P

  4. Eggs on toast fills me with low cal, it means i can have carbs and protein so im fill but not cravy. I get the same from some good muesli also . I just cant have carbs or protein without craving the other and then eating poorly :/

  5. @Kat yes throwing an elbow out would be good. Someone suggested moving back and standing on their foot and saying "well you were a bit close". Still don't think they will ever learn though.

    @Liz I do love eggs. I think I could probably make them at night and bring them into work....or learn to poach/scramble in the work microwave.