Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday's Emotional Eating

This is my blog written for the 2011 Blog Action Day

I was going to write an incredible blog. It was either going to be about how I gave up red meat or that I find it hard to understand the world we live in where people die from obesity related diseases and others die from starvation.

However, I want to talk quickly about emotional eating. Ironically I have blogged about it before (almost a year ago in fact) and you can read about it here.

I really dislike Monday’s (it is Monday in New Zealand)…I think I am channelling my inner Garfield. Whilst I was a little grumpy I still managed to make some awesome choices about food.

I chose not to drink the bottle of V Drink that my husband bought me
I had a healthy breakfast that included yummy peaches, low fat milk and Special K
I drunk 750ml of water

Then 10am hit and then something happened that turned my morning on its butt! I went on a quick emotional eating roller coaster and ate….a flipping chocolate brioche.

Even now I am just rolling my eyes. Why did I bury my feelings with food? Do I feel better? Barely.

I know better than this. I should have just taken myself outside and gone for a walk around the block and not a walk to the closest cafĂ© for ‘comfort’ food.

I think that perhaps when I feel the need to emotional eat then I just need to drink a huge glass of water and take a time out and have a re: scream or cry.
So for the rest of the day I am going to choose healthy choices and not beat myself up for falling off the wagon. I am better than this. My body deserves better than this.

What do you do instead of emotional eating?


  1. I am so glad you wrote this post.. I struggle to understand emotional eating so it was eye opening for me personally - thank you! Instead of emotional eating I have an emotional coffee, or listen to music, or go and sit outside and meditate in the sun for five minutes.. hopefully that might be your sort of thing too! xo

  2. I admit to emotionally eating - usually bad food is used as a reward. Like I've had a bad day and some yummy (but unhealthy) food will be the one thing I can do for myself!
    I've gotten better over the years, but the urge is still there at times!
    Since I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes, emotionally eating has had to go out of the window for the sake of my baby. I do struggle occasionally, but in the end I make the right decision. I just take a nap (sometimes I'm just overtired it seems), talk it out with my husband, write in my journal or spend some time watching a favourite show on my DVR.
    I wonder what I will be like after I've had the baby - will I have learnt anything from this experience?! I hope so. Well, after maybe a piece of cake ;)

  3. @Georgi - thanks :) I absolutely love music and will listen to certain songs to make myself feel bettter. Sometimes I just want to forget that I am in my skin for a bit and books or music provide a great release.

    @Kez thanks honey. Yes, well the getational diabetes will do that.....I could probably end up with type 2 diabetes if I am not careful so definitely need to find other ways to chill out. :)