Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I don’t want to talk; I am just trying to breathe….

I was talking to a friend and she mentioned joining a gym. The conversation went a bit like this:
I said “perhaps just do a trial and see if you like it”
She replied “I don't like being around people”
I said “that’s what iPod’s are for…..I don’t want to talk; I am just trying to breathe”

I have been a member at my gym for 17 years…heck that is almost half my life. I used to use a CD player to listen to music at the gym. However, it was when I got my first iPod that I realised how important listening to music (while exercising) is to me.

I find music incredibly cathartic and it balances me. I find solace in music and in a way it transports me to another world. It allows me to block out my surroundings and just focus on exercise. If you find the perfect gym “mix” then it is so motivating and I really want to create lists based on beats per minute (BPM) of songs.

Monique has actually summed it up here on the Easy Mix website. I have a pretty good gym mix, but I do want to be able to split it out into low, medium and high intensity. I tried to do this using various BPM analysers, but found it difficult to get the BPM information to automatically update in iTunes. So back to the drawing board!

Another the reason that I like having music at the gym is that I can tune everyone out and not have to speak to people. Being overweight I already feel quite self-conscious and music just helps me distance myself from feeling uncomfortable. My fitness is gradually increasing, but I often cannot do cardio and also talk to people. So in a nutshell “I don’t want to talk; I am just trying to breathe without panting”.

What are your favourite workout songs? Any ideas about getting the BPM automatically updated for my iTunes library for 3,000 songs?


  1. I have two playlists: one for cardio (high BPM) and one for general gym (motivating/good songs that have a lower bpm).

    I don't analyse using any fancy software, I've just created the lists based on what I know works. Throw a few lists together and try them out. If something doesn't work, make a mental note and hit skip, then fix it when you get home. Once you've got something that works - save it and back it up!

    The BEST song to work out to in the whole wide world is Daft Punk's live mash up of Around the World and Harder Better Faster Stronger. It builds up speed and is an incredible workout on the cross trainer. Well worth sourcing for your playlist.

  2. Yes, I think creating two might be the go.

    I am totally OCD and spent weeks sorting out my iTunes library so that I didn't have duplicates etc. Actually, I think that you might have done a clean up of your iTunes a little while ago....I am sure I remember a blog. Anyway, I did kind of want the BPM for songs as I figured there might be songs I hadn't realised would be good.

    Will see how I go...I think I have found a tool that will help!

    I have just purchased Daft Punk's song. :)