Friday, February 25, 2011

#Cupcakes4Cantabs 2

Following the initial Christchurch earthquake in the early hours of the morning of Saturday 4th September 2010 I decided to help raise some funds for the Red Cross Canterbury Earth Quake Appeal.

From this
#Cupcakes4Cantabs and #CupQuake was born. On Monday 13th September a little over a week after the Earthquake (with the amazing help of others) we helped raise $900 to give to the Red Cross.

I hoped and wished that I would never have to do this again because there would not be a need for it.

I was wrong.

At 12.51pm on Tuesday 22nd February, Christchurch was slammed with a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. Unlike the one on Saturday 4th September this happened on a weekday as people went or returned from their lunch breaks etc. What followed was (for me) the stuff of nightmares and even now I find it quite surreal. I happened to be on Twitter when it occurred and I will never forget seeing the first photo and update from Camille Strowger (
@BezzeraEspresso) of her crushed car. I was stunned.

Over the last few days I have watched, read, listened to and absorbed many of the stories of hope and survival, as well as the stories of heroes/heroines and then the stories of heartbreak. I am blown away by the huge amount of support shown not only by New Zealanders, but by people and countries overseas for those in Christchurch. For me this is the meaning of humanity. It is being compassionate, kind to those around you; not only in times of great need, but every day. For once I have hardly cried and I have thought about ways to help again. On Tuesday I was even trying to figure out how much it would cost to pay for an additional water tanker.

Last night Mehpara (
@MehparaK) and Claire (@ClaireLHuxley) asked me if I would be doing #Cupcakes4Cantabs again and I said that I had been thinking about it since Tuesday. In the meantime Mark and I donated money to both the Red Cross and the Canterbury SPCA.

So we are doing #Cupcakes4Cantabs Take 2. I have spoken with Claire today and we have finalised a date. I only planned the first #Cupcakes4Cantabs in about a week; but this time around I want to make sure that we have enough time to pool our resources and raise as much money as we possibly can to help the people of Canterbury recover.

If I lived close to Christchurch I would be there in a second helping people. However, I will do what I can from Auckland and bake a huge amount of cupcakes to try and help.

Christchurch I know you are strong so please hang in there, we are doing our best to try and help you in anyway (big or small) to help you recover from this.

So if you want to help out by selling, baking or buying cupcakes then please let me know by leaving a message below or sending me a message on Twitter etc.

So tell your friends and family and let's try and raise as much money as we can!!

Twitter Username: @nessliddell
Twitter Hashtag is: #Cupcakes4Cantabs or #CupQuake
Facebook Event is:

When: Monday 28th March 2011
Where: Newmarket, Te Atatu...other areas TBC

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