Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 7 – w/c Saturday 12th February, 2011

Saturday (12/02/11) ~ Caught up with my friend Vicki for a picnic and a walk around Cornwall Park with her dog Abby. Nice.

Sunday (13/02/11) ~ Went for a bike ride. Both exhausted. No photo.

Monday (14/02/11) ~ Horrid, horrid day. No photo.

Tuesday (15/02/11) ~ Had a lovely “belated” Valentine’s Dinner at our local Thai Restaurant. We love it there!

Wednesday (16/02/11) ~ Inspired by Leah to try using Quinoa for work lunches.

Thursday (17/02/11) ~Tried the new Iced Coffee with a shot of V. Not too bad.

Friday (18/02/11) ~ Enrolled in a night course with my sister. Excited much!


  1. How are you finding the quinoa? What did you cook it with? Nom, nom, nom xx

  2. Hey honey, haven't even tried the Quinoa yet....just ran out of time on the weekend. Will make lunches this weekend and let you know how I go :) Ness