Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 8 – w/c Saturday 19th February, 2011

Saturday (19/02/11) ~ Went to Farro for the first time. Caught up with my friend Chev and introduced her to Delish. We watched Unknown with Liam Neeson at Wairau Park; it was fabulous.

Sunday (20/02/11) ~ Went to my parents so Mark could get up in their roof and seal some holes with silicone. I wish I had taken a photo of him when he emerged…dripping wet. It was like a sauna/steam room in the roof.

Monday (21/02/11) ~ First night of our night course; very interesting. Max in a patch of sun!

Tuesday (22/02/11) ~ Day of the Christchurch earthquake; gutted for Cantabs. Went to Thai Peninsula again (no it is not déjà vu) for a friend’s birthday.

Wednesday (23/02/11) ~ Had an online meeting with the UK to clear up any questions/issues. No photo.

Thursday (24/02/11) ~ Watched a great deal of news footage from Christchurch. No photo.

Friday (25/02/11) ~ Bit of a relaxing evening with Mark watching TV. I changed my Twitter profile to one that reflects red and black for Canterbury. I also decided to do another #Cupcakes4Cantabs #CupQuake fundraising drive for the NZ Red Cross Christchurch EarthQuake Appeal.

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