Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 6 – w/c Saturday 5th February, 2011

Saturday (05/02/11) ~ Went to the gym with Arlene. It was hard work but really great. Then went to Delish for most of the day and caught up with Colleen, Kathryn, Pauline, Bree, Chris, Dan and Harrison. Then home to grab Mark and then off to dinner with my sister, brother-in-law and our nephew. We played monopoly and had to end the game when I was bankrupt to my brother-in-law. Mark and I need to practise!

Sunday (06/02/11) ~ We got some Coconut Ice Peaches…they sounded amazing; but where quite tasteless. Waitangi Day and mum’s birthday; it was nice. Colleen from Delish Cupcakes helped me make my mum’s birthday cake request…a lovely Raspberry/Blueberry Sponge with Meringue. Actually, I tell a lie…Colleen did about 90%!

Monday (07/02/11) ~ Can’t really remember. No photo!

Tuesday (08/02/11) ~ Caught up with my sister and dropped off bits and pieces to be taken up north on the weekend. No photo!

Wednesday (09/02/11) ~ Watched the Kings Speech with Pauline at Event Cinema’s Albany; it was an incredible movie; moving, funny, and historical. Also found a cute wedding blog using scrabble letters; lovely! This inspired today’s photo!!

Thursday (10/02/11) ~ Sat by AMP building waiting to see a client. Went to my parents for dinner to talk about the kitchen and where they are at.

Friday (11/02/11) ~ Shattered emotionally. Photos of the Valentine’s advertising at Delish Cupcakes.

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