Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 4 – w/c Saturday 22nd January, 2011

This is probably more of a week of "updates" rather than a week in photos.
Saturday (22/01/11) ~ Just before lunch Limpy passed away. To be honest he may as well have passed away in my arms. I was patting him and talking to him and then his little soul (if you believe in soul’s) just slipped away. I honestly thought he would make it through as he was going to the vet that day. I wept. I had hugs from Colleen, and lunch with her and Kathryn. Then I had a massage with Mel. I have to write a proper blog about how I felt, but just need time to sit down and collect my thoughts.

Sunday (23/01/11) ~ I had bunch in Albany with Mark and the lovely Vicky and Troy. As the rain poured down outside we were dry and enjoying a beautiful breakfast. Auckland ground to a virtual stop with flooding in some of the more coastal areas as the rain continued. My parents came over for a lovely dinner and I made the fabulous Strawberry and Almond crumble. I felt like I had a wee “domestic goddess” moment as I was extremely prepared with Hawaiian chicken, rice, freshly steamed beans and dessert (see above).

Monday (24/01/11) ~ I had my first training season with Arlene which was fabulous. She gave me the most amazing recipe for Bircher Muesli.
Tuesday (25/01/11) ~ I tried the Bircher Muesli with yoghurt, fresh blueberries, Brazil and Walnuts. Fabulous! Stunned at how amazing low G.I. food is. Feeling quite pleased with being organised with my food.
Wednesday (26/01/11) ~ Still pretty flat and my emotions are somewhat raw. Had Bircher Bento for breakfast though :)

Thursday (27/01/11) ~ Spent some time at Raewyn’s with the kittens and Champagne Lulu
Friday (28/01/11) ~ Picked my sister up from the airport and did some wedding stuff for her i.e. Delish Cupcake meeting and hair trial. Then we got to Waipu Cove to surprise our younger sister for her birthday. Good times.

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