Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Urgent Couriers and Auckland City Mission

Last week I got my Christmas cracker from Urgent Couriers (*happy claps*); this cracker is for their “Santa Needs Help This Christmas!” campaign in conjunction with the Auckland City Mission. I know that Christmas is still 59 days away however you can start getting your workmates organised now.

What is it?In December the Auckland City Mission will:
• Provide emergency food to thousands of families
• Celebrate Christmas dinner with 1600 people
• Make Christmas special for thousands of children

They can’t do it without your help!Become a Santa’s Helper and encourage your workmates and customers to donate food, new presents and financial gifts for the Auckland City Mission Christmas Appeal. In turn, you can make Christmas special for thousands of Auckland families and their children.

*This is proudly supported by Urgent Couriers who will drop everything that you need for your office collection and then pick up the donations in December*
To give you an idea of things to donate, below are the products that are commonly included in their food parcels:
Canned Baked beans 440g
Canned Spaghetti 440g
Canned Sweet corn 425g
Canned Fruit (as available)
Canned meat
Peanut butter 380g
Flour 1kg
Tea bags (30 sachets)
Rice 1kg
Salt (small packet)
Canned fish
Milk powder 500g
Sugar 500g
Jelly packet
Pasta 500g
Soup (tin or packet)
Weetbix 375g
Toiletries bag: soap, laundry powder, razor, toilet roll
Cereal (i.e. Cornflakes)
Canned Tomatoes
Sauce Mix
Canned Beetroot

For Presents my suggestions would be $2 Shops as they have some quite cool toys and things i.e. bucket and spade for the beach etc. Also, you cannot go past The Warehouse for some good deals.

I know that people are stretched at Christmas and it should not really be about material things; however food is a necessity and also many of these children deserve at least one present on the day. It could be as simple as everyone in your company adding an extra can of food to their weekly shop.

So send @urgentcouriers a tweet or contact them through their website and get your Christmas Cracker today and start collecting! I am sure you could get your friends together and start collecting too!

Not in Auckland; then find your local food bank and find out what they are doing.

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  1. What a great idea good work supporting the Auckland City Mission :)