Friday, October 15, 2010

Put a little extra “somethin’, somethin’” in your trolley

Today at lunch the girls and I were talking about charities. I explained how I thought it would be really awesome if the City Mission were to update their Twitter and Facebook pages on a weekly basis with what they urgently needed that week. I actually remembered a few weeks ago they really needed cereal. The City Mission also has a list on their website of the food products that go into a food parcel, so this is a good guide. The Kits2Kids Facebook “crew” have started doing this and I find it really helpful. It means that if I want to get them some goodies to help out then I know exactly what they need in “real time”.

Perhaps as more non-profit organisations come onto Twitter and Facebook we will see regular updates of what they need sent out to their followers and friends.

Having worked for a non-profit organisation for quite a number of years I know how hard it is to ask for and get the things that you desperately need to keep things going for just another month.

I know that at the moment times are pretty tough and people cannot always afford a monetary donation, however perhaps you can give a couple of cans of food that you can “live without”. I tend to buy bulk things for organisations all at once, which unfortunately led my husband to ask “who are you buying 6 x children’s toothbrushes and 6 x tubes of children’s toothpaste for”. Ummm I did not really have an answer to that one.

So my suggestion is how about adding an extra “somethin’, somethin’” to your trolley each week or fortnight? When you get a box worth of goodies then you can drop them off to the charity of choice. As woman I figure we have become very good about justifying our “secret” purchases over the years…we are stealth-like in fact i.e. “oh honey, this old thing? I have had it for ever”.

At the moment I am busy thinking about how I can help charities without having to put in a lot of hours or time. So being able to donate products is an excellent way for me to help. A few years back I actually gathered a whole box full of women’s beauty products to give to the City Mission for women at Christmas. Last year at Christmas I know that CJLambert actually ordered groceries online through Foodtown and had these delivered directly to the City Mission. I know many website developers and photographers help out non-profits doing work for them to help raise their profile.

This year I think I will do a huge collection of food items for the City Mission and deliver them in early December to help with the Christmas rush.

Note: there are many other charities out there that need assistance and it is about finding the one that you really want to help out. Check out Givealittle on Twitter to.
Please feel free to share your ideas for helping where you can.

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