Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feel the Fear and do it Anyway

This morning we finally tried Les Mills Britomart.

We were nearly at Britomart when I had a wee ‘freak out’ moment. My stressed out comment to Mark was “shit this is just like going to a party where you don’t know anyone; in my 20’s I would have had a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other”. Gin Gym and tonic anyone?? #Damn.

Let me explain. I have been going to Les Mills New Lynn for a very LONG time. It is my comfy, happy place. I know the staff there. I know how to work the machines. I know where everything is. Obviously, I am not very good with change. *cries*

Nevertheless, we decided that to save ourselves from the trauma of peak hour traffic (morning and night) we would try going to Les Mills Britomart 3-4 mornings a week. This means we avoid the morning traffic, get a workout in, get to work early and consequently we can leave work earlier. #Win.

On entering I discovered where the changing rooms were by discreetly following the woman in front of us and looking up to see the sign that said changing rooms.

I found a locker.

I found a cross trainer that looked like it could be good. I started my heart-rate monitor and climbed aboard. I successfully navigated the start-up instructions but could not figure out how to actually start cross-training; seriously why won’t my legs make it move like it is meant to? There were nearly tears. So I hopped off and went in search of a different machine. I found one and it worked. #Phew.

After 20 minutes on the cross-trainer I decided to try the treadmill. That was pretty easy to use and I had a nice view of Quay Street. Mark came and trained next to me which was highly entertaining.

After one 45 minute cardio session these are my thoughts:

- Smaller gym and fairly easy to navigate
- Parking is convenient (and close to cafes with coffee)
- Lots of different cardio machines; variety = HappyNess
- A nice view of Quay Street
- Fantastic shower heads that have adjustable heads
- Shiny new facilities
- Cardio equipment that picks up my heart-rate monitor and has plugs for iPod's etc.
- Missing peak hour traffic
- Being at work early

- I honestly think I could be the only overweight person at this gym? No really....I think I am!
- My gym shorts and t-shirt do not match; neither does my underwear
- The treadmills are not as good as the ones at New Lynn
- Queues for the women’s showers
- 50 billion (slight exaggeration) very young women trying to style their hair with hair dryers and/or straighteners
- No women’s gym?

I will definitely persevere with this gym. I will try all the equipment until I find machines that I love. Then I will be comfy here. I still love the New Lynn branch and will be going there on weekends and holidays. 

I put together a training schedule for the next 10 weeks to incorporate much more exercise. I also needed to allow for the 3 events I have signed up for from mid-March to early-April. It might seem like a lot, but seriously I have a lot of weight to shift before the next family wedding. I have highlighted in pink what I have done so far. I got the template idea for the training schedule from a Prior Fat Girl blog. I hope Jen doesn't mind?

What do you love/hate about trying a new gym?


  1. I always hate the feeling that everyone is staring at me. My brain knows that they are not staring, but it FEELS like they are!

    1. Oh I totally get that feeling as well. That's why I tend to just tune people out by having my iPod on the whole time :D

  2. Walking into a new place is always such a nightmare. In college I had panic attacks and couldn't go in places sometimes. "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" is the perfect title for your post. That book by Susan Jeffers has long been my bible for getting over stupid things that freak me out. Thanks for the great post.

    1. Thanks for your comment Karrie. Yes, I hate trying new places and can certainly understand your panic attacks in college. :)