Thursday, February 16, 2012

Clothing for Exercise and The Beach

My sister and her husband bought a gym in the latter half of 2011. She has a client that has not exercised for quite some time and wondered if I could suggest some places where she could get some larger gym gear.

This got me thinking.

It really frustrates me that overweight and obese people are told to exercise/lose weight/get fit but there do not seem to be any of the large sports apparel companies making a stylish range of clothing for bigger women and men. I could be wrong though.

Years ago I got really excited as I flipped through a women’s catalogue and loved the different clothing for Yoga, Pilates, running, walking etc. The anti-climax as realising that they did not do them in my size and I probably would not look good in the clothes.  Do these companies think that while we are trying to get fit and lose weight that we do not want to look nice and feel comfortable in their latest gear?!

Most people that are trying to make changes in their life realise that in the first few months they will have to make do with what is available, but wouldn’t it be nice if there were some more options available so that we feel more inspired to exercise?

I normally buy from the big red shed, but sometimes the clothing does not always fit that well. I want something that is going to last longer than say 3-6 months. I am sick of buying cheap men’s t-shirts as well!

Another friend told me about Big Love ActiveWear and I am seriously tempted to order a few pieces from there. I think that my sister’s client actually ordered a lot from them.

I ended up getting some fantastic sports bras (and service) from Avokado in Newmarket, although I have bought them from Rich Lingerie in Greenwoods Corner as well.

I might have had things from Ezibuy in the past as well.

Do not even get me started on good quality swimming togs with adequate support!

Where do you get your sportswear and togs? Hook me up!!

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