Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 27 – w/c Saturday 2nd July, 2011

Saturday (02/07/11) ~ I spent the morning in bed and then Raewyn and I had a coffee catch-up and then tried to sort out things with Vodafone. After coffee I got back into bed with TV, books and cats.

Sunday (03/07/11) ~ Day in bed reading and watching Private Practice.

Monday (04/07/11) ~ Bombarded with 4th of July stuff via Google Reader. No photo.

Tuesday (05/07/11) ~ I had lunch with Kathryn at Delish. She then sent me a photo of the layer cake that she had made. Lemon and Raspberry. YUM! Did a bit sort through of our clothing and now I have bags to chuck in the ragbag collection and other things to donate to charity. Had my own autocorrect failure on Twitter with my iPhone substituting ‘kanthan’ for ‘Langham’.

Wednesday (06/07/11) ~ On Tuesday I came across an amazingly organised bathroom cupboard; so I took a ‘before’ photo of our cupboard and bathroom draw. Had lunch with Robyn…my oldest friend from university who I had not seen for about 11 years; it was fabulous! We cannot wait to catch up again.

Thursday (07/07/11) ~ No idea…..work and then probably relaxing and reading at night. No photo.

Friday (08/07/11) ~ Phoebe came around to have kitten cuddles at Raewyn’s and then I drove over to Glenfield to pick Mark up from sport. No photo.

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