Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week 21 – w/c Saturday 21 May, 2011

Saturday (21/05/11) ~ Mark and I caught up with Shona and John for dinner. It was really lovely. We had KFC….naughty. No photo.

Sunday (22/05/11) ~ Relaxing day doing nothing. No photo.

Monday (23/05/11) ~ I went to Willow Shoes to find some new work shoes. Purchased two pairs and I will go back again and get another couple in July/August. I love these purple boots and blue shoes. LOVE.

Tuesday (24/05/11) ~ Install and training out in East Tamaki. No photo.

Wednesday (25/05/11) ~ Meeting and then a gap for lunch at Fuze in Te Atatu and then some more training. Mocha to die for and curly fries!

Thursday (26/05/11) ~ I am addicted to Pang which is an old arcade game that we used to play when I was at university many years ago. I have it on my iPhone. It’s keeping me awake at night!

Friday (27/05/11) ~ Received the cutest text from my sister about Mark’s 40th and the fact that my nephew Kodi loved the invite.

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