Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week 23 – w/c Saturday 4th June, 2011

Saturday (04/06/11) ~ I had a beautiful breakfast at the French Deli in Remuera before my massage with Mel. Then headed over quickly to Delish.

Sunday (05/06/11) ~ Coffee with Teena and Chloe at The Falls. No photo.

Monday (06/06/11) ~ Queens Birthday in NZ so spent the day chilling out with books and cats. Saw a new recipe on Pinterest (Sumer in Winter Chicken) and tried making it; so tasty and nice.

Tuesday (07/06/11) ~ Trying another new author ~ Gena Showalter at Emma’s suggestion. Read it in a night. Loved it!

Wednesday (08/06/11) ~ Mark and I saw a double rainbow on the drive to work.

Thursday (09/06/11) ~ Huge, amazing stash of exciting new books from the library.

Friday (10/06/11) ~ Work. No photo.

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