Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week 24 – w/c Saturday 11th June, 2011

Saturday (11/06/11) ~ Gym with Arlene. Cool pizza lunch and True Blood with my sister. Colleen and Marcel popped in. They loved the cats. No photo.

Sunday (12/06/11) ~ Day in bed reading and watching TV. No photo.

Monday (13/06/11) ~ Work. No photo.

Tuesday (14/06/11) ~ Daisy the tubby bubby. Picture for Colleen to send to Marcel.

Wednesday (15/06/11) ~ Leg wax. No photo.

Thursday (16/06/11) ~ Work. No photo.

Friday (17/06/11) ~ I finally found the perfect pair of black work pants from TS14+. Late night text from Phoebe Ruby about cats.

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