Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 16 – w/c Saturday 16th April, 2011

A bit slack with the photos this week!

Saturday (16/04/11) ~ Our new table and chairs arrived. So exciting! After one of our old chairs broke we decided that we could not screw the chairs together anymore.

Sunday (17/04/11) ~ Anne and I baked early for the next #CupQuake order. I think I am getting better at this!

Monday (18/04/11) ~ #CupQuake order collected. The rest of the day was a blur really. (No Photo)

Tuesday (19/04/11) ~ Huge amount of work still going on. Finally caught up with my sister Anna as it was her birthday. (No Photo)

Wednesday (20/04/11) ~ More work (No Photo)

Thursday (21/04/11) ~ Had my fitness/strength/flexibility assessment with my personal trainer in the morning. Will do a separate blog about that. Mark and I went to see ‘Polly Hood in Mumuland’ which was a joint production between PIPA and ATC. It was written by a girl that I went to school with and directed by my cousin. It is a bit of a take on Little Red Riding Hood. It was absolutely fabulous and Mark and I laughed and laughed. This I the second PIPA production we have seen and I love these kids; they are so talented and funny.

Friday (22/04/11) ~ Good Friday equalled a total day of laziness. I caught up on a lot of TV…I am still really behind. As you can see Ollie is like a limpet when I am watching TV in bed and he lies all over me.

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