Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 14 – w/c Saturday 2nd April, 2011

Saturday (02/04/11) ~ Freshly made bed and Mark’s home brew!

Sunday (03/04/11) ~ After seeing a tweet from a person about tools that people should have in their bottom draw that included clamps. I just about died when Mark came home with the exact same clamps (but bigger) for his boat building exercise.

Monday (04/04/11) ~ Nearly finished Succubus Shadows; love it (despite the cover looking a little like porn). Pretty window at a secondhand clothing shop in Newmarket. Love it!

Tuesday (05/04/11) ~ Managed to get to the gym in the morning!

Wednesday (06/04/11) ~ I was meant to help Raewyn update her Trade Me Ads…but messages got mixed up #Fail. (No photo)

Thursday (07/04/11) ~ Max asleep in the evening. So cute.

Friday (08/04/11) ~ Very early to a client appointment; so tried some “self-portraits” on iPhone. Not very successful. Had lunch with Wendy and received a beautiful bunch of flowers from Jo at Best Blooms. HAPPY!

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