Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 15 – w/c Saturday 9th April, 2011

Saturday (09/04/11) ~ Spent some time gazing at my book shelves and writing some blogs on our home computer.

 Sunday (10/04/11) ~ For the first time since September we attended a children’s birthday party. So exciting! It was a space themed party. This appeals to me as I work in ‘Space Management’. These are some monster cookies and alien brownie pops. The photos were taken by Kathryn who is Harrison’s mum! He turned 4!

 Monday (11/04/11) ~ Pretty wedding dress in the window downstairs from work. Love it! We got home to find that Whitey was not so white anymore. It would ‘appear’ that she has been rolling around on the neighbours driveway. Bad cat!

Tuesday (12/04/11) ~ Finally got to meet the stunning, divine, funky Tara. Talked to her while she had her hair cut with Terry. You can click on the link to see her photos from the day.

Wednesday (13/04/11) ~ Crazy, crazy work day. (No photos)

Thursday (14/04/11) ~ A very long day starting with the gym in the morning and then more crazy work stuff and then my dad’s birthday dinner. The birthday dinner was an amazing end to a completely horrific day. Discovered ‘Heart of Flavour’ just around the corner from work; they do the most amazing cakes and handmade chocolates.

Friday (15/04/11) ~ Date night with Mark at Sylvia Park! Dinner at The Coffee Club; I think that Mark thinks I am a nana because I love it there. Went to see Scream4 on the Xtreme screen!

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