Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 12 – w/c Saturday 19th March, 2011

Saturday (19/03/11) ~ Went to Albany to go shopping and had an amazing lunch with Gracie and Chris.

Sunday (20/03/11) ~ Saying goodbye to my sister Anna as she flies back to Sydney. SadNess.

Monday (21/03/11) ~ Watching TV and chilling out after work. Did not make it to the gym as had a ripper of a headache in the morning.

Tuesday (22/03/11) ~ Went into Milly’s Kitchen to pick up my Trifle Bowl in preparation for Christmas…I know that it is 9 months away. Saw this Cross shaped baking tin…I guess it is for Easter. I was slightly disturbed.

Wednesday (23/03/11) ~ Started taking a women’s multivitamin. Fun times.

Thursday (24/03/11) ~ Banoffee Pie goodness at Delish.

Friday (25/03/11) ~ Training a new user all day. (No photo)

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