Friday, March 18, 2011

Week 9 – w/c Saturday 26th February, 2011

Saturday (26/02/11) ~ Had a massage with the lovely Mel Harris and she gave me a lot to think about. Then went to Delish Cupcakes and tried their amazing ‘newish’ chocolate-caramel cupcake with mocha icing. It truly was Delish. Max had his vaccination at the vets.

Sunday (27/02/11) ~ Mark and I got up early and went to my sister’s place for homemade pancakes (made by our brother-in-law) and our nephew Kodi. We were planning to go to the Kumeu Farmers Market, but unfortunately it’s not on again until 27th March. Turns out it is a monthly market. The Coatesville market is on the 6th March; so we were already well on our way so we went to the Orewa Farmers Market. FYI the Orewa one is on EVERY weekend. Then we checked out Max the cat’s accommodation in Massey; very nice.

Monday (28/02/11) ~ Went to Milly’s Kitchen (amazing) and purchased a square ravioli cutter and citrus ‘rimmer’.

Tuesday (01/03/11) ~ Had lunch with Colleen and Anne. Purchased a FABULOUS mouse mat with wrist guard; money to go to Christchurch Earthquake fund. This seemed fitting as today marks one week since the devastating earthquake.

Wednesday (02/03/11) ~ Had a pedicure to get my toes ready for my sister’s wedding on the 12th.

Thursday (03/03/11) ~ Lollies from Christchurch arrived including Cola Rolla’s, Red & Blacks and Jelly Beans. Had dinner with my parents so we could see their finished kitchen.

Friday (04/03/11) ~ A whip for the girls on Twitter to start their day after an offhand comment about whips started a crazy conversation. Spent the evening baking fudge and cupcakes for the Delish Cupcakes Christchurch fundraiser. Very tired.

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