Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sports Bras and Star Jumps

In mid-January I had a sit down with my personal trainer to talk about goals for this year. She asked me how hard I wanted to train and I explained that she could push me harder. On my first training session with her for 2011 she asked me if I had a good sports bra and I said “nope”. She said “you are going to need one”. After procrastinating about getting one I finally made the decision to bite the bullet and go into Avokado in Newmarket on Tuesday 22nd March…so that’s 8 weeks or so after the fact. *sigh*

I raced into the store and realised with ‘horror’ that I was going to be served by a gorgeous girl that was so much younger than me. I was mortified and seriously considered walking out. However, I figured if I did not do this now then I would probably never do it and my poor unsupported boobs would be sorry.

I explained to her what I needed and she asked what sort of exercise I would be doing. I said that I had a personal trainer that was going to push me hard, but at this stage I probably would not be running. She then asked me what size I was wearing currently. I thought “oh gee…you mean my current bra, the one missing an underwire”. Haha. NOT.

I said “well I am wearing a 24D with a bra extender” and then blushed. She said “well our sports bras only go up to 18, but we can use an extender and see how we go”.

So she found me a bra and showed me into a dressing room. When faced with a huge mirror when you are going to get half naked I was disheartened. However, she came back and asked if I needed help and I said “yes please”. She was incredibly amazing, knowledgeable and nice. I never felt uncomfortable and this girl seriously knows her shit.

I explained that I am constantly amazed that society is telling us to lose weight, but then companies do not do bigger sizes in necessary things like bras and sports clothing. She agreed and explained that she wanted a breast reduction and the doctor said “just exercise and this will reduce them” to which she replied “they do not do bras in my size to exercise”. I nearly had a face palm moment right there in the changing room.

My challenge to companies that do sports bras and workout gear….please do some bigger sizes so that we can be supported and comfortable as we start our weight loss journeys.

Anyway to cut a long story short I found a bra and ordered a second. The end result a size 18 bra with two extenders. Yes that does make me giggle a bit as well. I said to her as I was paying “should I pay for the other bra and two additional extenders now” to which she replied “no it is fine, and besides you might not even need the second extender when you get the other bra”. Her comment made me feel nice; like she believed in me and my weight loss journey.

So here is my plug….if you want beautiful bras in bigger sizes, and fabulous service then you should check out:

Now I can do proper star jumps without crossing my arms over my chest.

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  1. Great post! YAY for a great experience buying sports bras. I hope that it makes you feel good when you are exercising too.