Monday, November 2, 2009

"Wear your rollerskates today" - De La Soul

After reading the blog written by my friend Pauline I was inspired to write a short one of my own.

Pauline’s wedding is in approximately 124 days and we have resolved to help each other get fit and lose some weight for our respective goals i.e. her wedding and my sister’s wedding. One plan was to start walking together once a week either at a halfway point or alternate each week. Yesterday after dropping my friend Liz and her daughters off to do the quarter marathon I drove up to Orewa to go for a walk. We probably walked bout 7km and it was lovely; lots of people out on the beach and a really opportunity to chat.

I mentioned that another couple of people and I could be quite keen to put a roller derby team together. Pauline was so excited and was ready to drive down to Auckland and buy us skates there and then. By the time I got back to Auckland, Pauline had arranged an afternoon outing and was picking Jess, Cate and I up and we were going to Skateland in Mt Wellington.

The last time I went roller skating was on the eve of my 20th birthday and there are a few emotional connections and memories associated with that. It was a time when I stopped loving my boyfriend of 3 years and fell head over heels for another person (that is another blog).

My cousin and I used to go roller skating every weekend in New Lynn at the Skateland rink there. Sadly, it is now a Mitre 10. I have fond memories of this from the Goth-like clothes (it was the first time I ever dyed my hair black) to the music videos on the wall, the flashing lights and disco balls. Our two hours of skating never seemed long enough!

Yesterday, there were a few tumbles, lots of laughs and a great time for $7. I have never been a team sports person; however I am willing to become part of a team of roller derby girls. Once my fitness and confidence levels grow, I think that I will enjoy it even more. I hate falling, but realise that it is something I will just have to get used to (yesterday I had A LOT of practise). Mark commented last night that the roller derby girls are “young, fit and vicious”. I do not see why we cannot be fit and vicious, all the while looking super “cool” in our outfits? I am confident that we can do this and it is a great way to strengthen new friendships, have fun and get some exercise.

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