Monday, November 23, 2009

7 in a Row with Cate Owen

Firstly, I would like to point out that this was not planned!

Went grocery shopping with Cate because it is her pet hate! I love grocery shopping, so hopefully I was able to make the experience a little more enjoyable and fun.

Had a chocolate shake ‘booty-call’ when Cate brought me a Wendy’s shake and chocolate mousse!

We made the decision to go and see the double feature of Twilight, followed by New Moon. What an amazing experience! So many laughs, far too much popcorn, sugar and caffeine! It was great to go to double-feature with someone who has read all the books. Despite my best efforts Cate would not spoil the ending of the series.

Cate stayed the night, as it was 2.30am when we got home. Later that day, we introduced Pauline to scrumptious Yum Char in Newmarket.

This was the night I really did not think that I would see Cate, so on the way home from my cousins wedding I stopped in for a drink and a chat. We ended up having a really great deep and meaningful conversation.

Cate and I had lunch at The Falls restaurant and then we had dinner together later on that evening. We had another HUGE, deep conversation, and Cate revealed hidden talents not seen by many.

The final day in the ‘7 in a row with Cate Owen’! Pauline, Bree and I had lunch at The Falls restaurant and then went on a coffee run to Cate’s. We then met up with some lovely tweeps at The Corner Bar. Cate and I then had dinner and a hell of a lot of laughs!

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