Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Waking up in Korea

Waking up in Korea is not quite like waking up in Vegas. However, it is almost a city that never sleeps.

I got through the 12 hour flight from Auckland to Seoul with no issues; 6 movies later (picture 1) and a great goodie bag (picture 2) I arrived and managed to catch the bus to the hotel. It was amazing to see the difference in skyline and landscape as we drove to our location. What really blew me away was the sheer volume of apartment blocks…really puts Auckland’s Unitary plan to shame!

When I got to the hotel I was just shattered and managed to shower, unpack my bags and fall into bed. What really made me laugh were the toilet controls (3); seriously what happens in the middle of the night if you accidentally press posterior clean instead of full flush? I will not lie; I tried them all.  Trust me, once was enough! My hotel room is fantastic with a lovely, relaxing area to sit (4) and chill out.

The first morning I woke up really early and as breakfast does not start until 7am I was able to have a walk around the local area. Unbelievably, I came across a cupcake shop (5) and all sorts of amazing restaurants, wine bars etc. I did take a photo of a shop especially for Julia as it seemed to combine her two favourite drinks; coffee and whiskey (6).

We went out for lunch on Monday and I had my lunch ordered for me and I got this beautiful, hot, spicy chicken soup with noodles. YUM! I asked if people go out for lunch or bring their own; and they said “everyone just goes out for lunch”. 

The hospitality is amazing and people are so warm and very friendly.

After a full day at work I walked back to my hotel; one of my business associates was a bit worried that I would get lost however I managed to find my way back. I had a quick shower and left in search of something to eat.

What intrigues me is the whole concept of chicken and beer; apparently it is the Korean version of fish and chips. Very popular especially on nights when there are soccer games on (like Tuesday night).

I walked by a petrol station and noticed that their pumps were in the air (7) and I wondered if they have them up there at night and then drop them during the day. Then on Tuesday I saw one during the day with the pumps in the air; so perhaps some petrol stations have them up there permanently. 

On Monday morning I discovered a gym down the road from the hotel that offered Spin Classes, Pilates and Yoga. I was really excited as I am already missing RPM and the gym so I decided to check it out on Monday night. Unfortunately, I could not do a casual membership so decided that I will have to stick to the hotel gym and using the stairs that are just up the road.

After so many choices for food I actually ended up eating in the hotel where I saw the sign that said ‘All You Can Drink BBQ Party’ (8). It was an all you can eat BBQ; which is a bit useless for me as I do not eat meat! However, they had an amazing assortment of sashimi and sushi which was great. Also can I tell you that their ICE CREAM bar was AMAZING!! I should have taken photos. Also, loved the portion controlled dessert options (9).

That pretty much sums up my night and day in Korea. I was really worried about coming to such a massive metropolitan city however as I get used to things I am really starting to enjoy myself. I cannot wait until the weekend when I can relax and have a proper look around.

  1. Inflight entertainment
  2. Goodie bag with face cream, eye gel etc.
  3. Toilet controls
  4. Living room area; beautiful
  5. Cupcake shop
  6. Cello Coffee and Whiskey
  7. Petrol up in the air
  8. Dinner on my second full day
  9. Bite sized desserts; portion control at its best


  1. Fantastic - love the photos and what you've been up to/seeing. And a coffee & whisky bar - I want one here too!

    Keep up the blogging, your fan club awaits the next instalment :o)

    1. I thought that you would like the coffee and's basically right next to the hotel. I have the next 9 photos to post on my next blog so might write that tonight. :)

  2. Reading with great interest as you explore my birth country (somewhere I've never been as weird as that is to say)! x

    1. It's amazing here. Very different to Auckland. Hopefully you get the chance one day? :) xx