Monday, May 27, 2013

Ness Thinks You're Dumb

I was quite late to my Friday morning RPM class; although I still managed to make it in time to set up my bike before class started.

The Wednesday and Friday morning classes are two of my favourites as I love Brett the instructor. Since starting his classes a few weeks back I realise that I have started pushing myself harder and harder in each class. I think he said something along the lines of “turn up your resistance and push hard otherwise you will not change”…so I did.

So…favorite class, favourite instructor, half-full RPM studio and one person that made me feel incredibly insecure and uncomfortable.

Before we started I noticed this man looking over in my direction and it made me feel really squirmy and uncomfortable. I then noticed he kept looking over my way. I actually mouthed fuck you at him. Obviously, lip-reading is not in his repertoire and he kept glancing over at me throughout the class.

When you are the largest person in the class you cannot help by take it personally and that his glances were ones of disgust and “are you going to have a heart attack and die in my class”. It is either that or he was amazed by my awesomeness!

Can I just ask if you are disgusted by me and the way that I look that you just 1. Concentrate on your own workout and 2. Consider that I am in a class at 6.10am in the morning when it is freezing and wet and I am actually doing something to change my body and my life.

You did not put me off as I love these classes and have been doing them consistently each week for about 2 months now. I actually just think you’re a loser.

Here’s another blogger who had a similar experience while doing Bikram.



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