Friday, June 14, 2013

Korea…you are making it hard for me to leave you!

Day 3 in Korea sees me start the day with a 2+1 iced coffee deal (Picture 4 from the previous day). The men in the shop were so lovely and friendly that I walked out thinking “It is going to be very hard for me to leave this place and come home”.

The night before we went to an American Style burger bar serving 100% beef burgers; you can see Nayoung’s burger (1) and how amazing it looked. I had a coke, coleslaw and fries.  Honestly, her burger looked amazing! It almost made me want to eat meat!

The following morning (Wednesday) I braved the gym and I was the only woman there. I took a photo (2) after a 30 minute run/walk (more walking than running) to contribute to my beautiful Autumn Shake Up girls final day! I got the photo through this afternoon from our trainer and they looked gorgeous! I tell you that working out in 19C heat is like a sauna!! Apparently, Friday will hit 30c!! I definitely sweated a lot; I was well past glowing!

For the last two days it has been raining and it has cooled things down slightly (3). I experienced the Seoul Subway system which is incredibly confusing and I would hate to attempt it on my own. Also, if you do not like people in your personal space then it would be really horrific. I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of people in this city; it’s full on!
Bubble Tea ~ My first time!

Yesterday, as well as experiencing the subway we also went to have a look at a very popular local shopping district. I should remember the name, however it escapes me. It was incredible, so many shops, so many food carts…just like a MASSIVE night market there were outfits for your dog (5), we went to Olive and Young (6) a huge beauty store. Olive and Young sell these crazy plastic templates that men can place over their eyebrows to shape and groom (7) and apparently, guys do wear make up! I did take a few photos of the food carts (8) as they are so much like the food that we get at the Glenfield night markets and I loved the sign for the cat café (9).

I also tried Bubble know "feel the fear and do it anyway" - amazing! I have had Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chicken and Potato chips and a panini so far! 
Oh and for Liz I have to add that I did try the posterior clean on the toilet last night…second and ‘probably’ the final time!  Come on, tell me that you would not try it!
 Nayoungs burger
  1. Sweaty in my retro pink head band to mark the last day of the Autumn Shake Up
  2. Rain Seoul
  3. Iced coffee
  4. Outfits for dogs!
  5. Olive and Young
  6. Eyebrow shaping/grooming for men
  7. Food cart
  8. Cat café


  1. Great to read your blogs and see the pics Vanessa. Now, what is a cat cafe?

    1. Thanks Lynda. Actually, I just think it's the name of the cafe....or there could be cats there too :)

    2. That was my question, too! The name could be taken two ways ... ;-)

    3. Well I didn't go and physically check it ummmmmmm maybe not what I think it is! :(