Thursday, June 27, 2013

Delane, Shake Up and the Gals

I have just signed up to my third Shake Up through MotivateMe NZ; it is called the Winter Wake Up and it DEFINITELY will be. I am hoping that now that we are past the Winter Solstice (shortest day) that getting up will get a bit easier as the mornings eventually become lighter.

There are three main things that I love about Shake Up’s.

They are group exercise sessions twice a week with like-minded women of all different shapes, sizes and fitness levels. At the beginning these women were strangers and we came together with a common goal; to get fitter, stronger and ultimately healthier. They are a gorgeous supportive bunch and I love them to bits.

They take place all over NZ and weather permitting they are held outside which is great. Also, compared to most boot camps they are really, REALLY good value for money.

Delane our trainer. He is truly one of the most amazing, inspiring, selfless people I have ever met. For him, people’s health and well being comes first and foremost. He would run the Shake Up’s if he had 2 people or 200 people. Delane is warm, friendly, motivating and will push you hard without you even realise that he’s doing it. I remember he said to me “do not ever apologise for coming last, because the longer you are on the stairs the longer everyone else is and that is going to improve their fitness even more”. His success with helping people achieve their goals is indisputable.
In my mind, he is a force to be reckoned with. Delane is pretty softly spoken and that hides a massive amount of strength and enthusiasm. This is one exercise group where there is no yelling, only consistent support. His final training with the girls in autumn was taking them out to Bethells to train as it is physically hard and a very spiritual place. Oh and he also dressed up on the last day in fluorescent colours with the girls! Seriously, what a guy!

For me Delane and these women helped me get through some of the toughest months of my life when my dad was entering the final stages of terminal cancer. I got up, I trained and I focused on my physical well-being when my emotional and mental state was really fragile.

You can see more of Delane here:

So if you are looking to get back into exercise, or even add to your exercise regime then you should totally join us!! The feeling of being part of a team with an amazing trainer is fantastic. It is definitely worth it and if you book and pay by Friday 12th July you get 10% off!! Bargain! What you will get out of it is worth so much more. 

Just do it; you will not regret it!

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