Monday, May 13, 2013

Mazda ORock

The MMNZ Gals and our Supporters
I am pretty sure that 2013 is the first year for Mazda ORockand it is run by Mazda and Horley’s; the same companies that run the Sculpt 6K in November. I actually signed up in December when I was obviously delusional from being on holiday.

As the 12th May got closer I got a bit worried; not so much about the distance as 6K but the obstacles and what they would entail. I was worried about the obstacles that would involve climbing over up and/or over a wall.

The really great thing is that I was there with other MotivateMe NZ members; so supportive! We even had two members come along to cheer us on and take photos; thanks Hinerau and Kathryn…you rocked! This was also the first event that I have let Mark come along to, to support me which was great.

Photo from Hinerau
We checked out the vertical wall which I realised would be the hardest for me to do. I immediately knew mentally that I was going to start to talk myself out of it. I am never going to be critical of The Biggest Loser contestants that have a meltdown and do not want to do a challenge!

I started off running and then slowed to a walk when I was out of breath. Then I ran bits throughout until I was too exhausted. What I can say is that I now know that in order to complete a half marathon I need to do so much more training. I also need to incorporate a lot more strength training with weights and cross-fit/body weight type exercises.

So in the end I missed two obstacles the vertical wall (pulling yourself by a rope) and a vertical climb over a wooden frame. I realised that it is such a mental thing and the wooden frame was definitely strength and my own mind holding me back. I attempted that damned frame about 2-3 times and just could not get my leg up to get myself up on top of it. I could also envisage myself crashing down and crushing the poor man that was trying to help and encourage me over.
That is me on the far right and Nic to my left

The gals came and met me and finished the last 1km with me which was fabulous.

The fireman’s pole was hilarious. I got up the ladder and when I was on top of the container I though “um shit, this is higher than I expected…how the hell will I make it down that pole”. Nic was up there with me and explaining the technique and I just thought “just do it quickly and do not over think it”. I landed with a hell of a thump and I swear that my pelvis ended up in my throat.

Also, I found out afterward that the guys giving me Zombie high-5’s were my second cousins. To the 2 women that helped me over the smaller wall; thank you. To the gorgeous woman that helped me get off the rocked!

What I have learned is that you can do anything you put your mind to if you train and listen to your body. Could I have pushed myself harder? Absolutely. Do I need to train more for obstacles? Definitely. I am going to start finding school playgrounds with obstacles and gain strength and confidence.

Do not just think it; do it!

Oh and I just checked the results and I did not come last!

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