Monday, May 20, 2013

South Korea

Gangnam Style Cupcakes from my friends at Delish :)

In less than 3 weeks I am going to South Korea for almost a fortnight for work.

It is still pretty unreal that I am going there as I have never wanted to travel to Asia at all. When I found out that I would be going I had a wee drama-queen-meltdown moment. The next morning I realised that none of my reasons were sound business cases for not going.

So it is on!

I will miss the final week of our MotivateMe NZ Shake Up; however that is better than missing the two weeks I was originally going to be away for. It also means that I get to do some more RPM and Pump classes before I leave. I wonder when exercise became a bit more of a priority in my life?

I am going to miss Mark and the cats like crazy; however I know that they will be fine. I also start disaster planning in case something happens and I do not make it back home safely. Mark never wants to talk about it however I always say “please do not put the cats down and you can live with mum until you are back on your feet”. He just rolls his eyes and probably considers me to be a drama queen.

I have decided that when I am not working that I will try and see as much of the city as I can; it is a once in lifetime opportunity. I have promised my Shake Up trainer that I will find stairs while I am there and train on them like a crazy person.

I am going to try new foods even though I will be a practicing Pescatarian while I am there as I do not want to risk eating something I would rather not. I thought that trying a Korean restaurant before I leave Auckland would be great!

I really should watch the Gangnam style music video considering I will be able to visit the Gangnam District.

At least it will give me a lot to blog about when I get back!

So even though I am still a bit nervous I am going to welcome the change that being in foreign country will bring.  


  1. Have an amazing time over there! I was born there and my family and I always talk about visiting but we never have got around to it - crazy life timing! If you should get anywhere near Busan...that's where I was born :)

    1. Yes, I never thought I would go to Korea. I have no idea where I am staying...someone asked me yesterday :) Provided I am not working on the weekend I should have a chance to have a good look around. EXCITING! :)