Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Roaring 20's

Last week my cousin posted some very old photos on her Facebook page and they brought memories flooding back!

Some of the photos were from one of her work dinners that ended in drunken karaoke (which so many of our nights often did) and another was from a well-planned New Year’s Eve that got a bit turned around.

As I sat and talked to my friend on Friday night I contemplated bed. I turned to her and said that I could not believe how different my life is now. In my 20’s Friday and Saturday nights were the nights that we hit town. 9.45pm meant getting ready to drive into town and not contemplate sleep. 

How I managed to go to University all week, go out on a Friday night, drive everyone home at around 3.30am, sleep, get to work by 9am and then do it all again. Oh that’s right…I had youth on my side.

There are weekends when I actually miss going out into town until the early hours of the morning, dancing until I could barely stand on my feet. Now the closest that I have to loud, pumping music is aerobics at the gym. A few years ago I really wanted to go to a rave at New Year’s so that I could just dance with wild abandon…suffice to say I stayed home!

The other day when I went to pick up our race packs for Motutapu I drove by Lenin and remembered all the nights spent there. It feels like a life time ago!

I remember the Waterfront and ending our nights at c. Now where the Waterfront was I can sit at a cafĂ© and enjoy a coffee instead of wading through water and bubbles at their ‘Wet and Wild’ Nights. How times have changed. Oh and who remembers Stanley’s Nightclub on Queen Street? This was the first club I regularly frequented.

Oh and Bar of the Stars! Best Karaoke venue EVER!

Would I go back to my 20’s? Yes, just for a weekend though!

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