Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I know

Completely my second Round the Bays and according to Mark I did not moan like I did in 2012. Well done me! Apparently, I was already moaning 1km into the walk last year “ugh my legs”, “ugh the scooters”, ugh the teeny hill”. We only improved our time by 4 minutes however the first 2km were tough as there were just so many people walking. I know that I am fitter despite not having walked a lot.

The thing that still bugs me is the scooters. Then I realised that this is a family event and 8.5km is a long way for younger children to walk…so I got over my ‘anti-scooter’ stance.

On Sunday we I did the Coatesville Classic 8K and it is the first time that I have done this event. It was 8km and it was quite pretty. It ended up raining quite hard near the end and I looked like a ‘bedraggled-Ness’; I basically struggle to peel off my leggings when I got home. We go to walk through Dotcom Mansion which was a bit different. I was quite pleased with my time of 1:33. Saw Jan from MMNZ which was really nice and she walked over the finish line with me.

Raewyn has suggested that from now on in I register as a runner and then run a bit/walk a bit when I do my events. This also means that I need to start doing the Couch to 5K on the Treadmill at the gym.

This weekend is The Dual on Motutapu….I am FREAKING OUT. Raewyn pointed out that this is really because last year I did not know what to expect and this year I do. I figure it is only 3 hours of my life so now I am just crossing my fingers/toes that it is not ridiculously hot otherwise I will be a ‘Melty-Ness’.

When I was seeing a personal trainer I would constantly annoy her by saying “I know” when I was finding things hard or she was trying to tell me how to do a particular exercise. She used to pull me up on it constantly and explained that it was quite infuriating and upsetting when she was just trying to help. During our Shake Up sessions I realised that I did not say “I know” the whole time we were training. I did not say it when we did the stairs for 10 minutes, or continuous boxing, or walking up the hills backwards or bear crawls etc. I just said “really” and put my game face on and got stuck in. Apparently, I was mostly smiling as well. I cannot wait to start our Shake Up’s again!! I miss Delane and the girls.

What I will say is that if you are struggling to find motivation then just start; do not wait for it. Organise to do your exercise with friends and pick them up on the way. Knowing that I was carpooling with Lesley twice a week made me get out of bed no matter how much I wanted to pull the covers over my head.

As Nike says…Just Do It!


  1. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Well done girl!!

    1. Thanks honey. Lovely to see you on Saturday :)