Monday, April 29, 2013

RPM and a Gym Buddy!

At the end of March (I think) I asked the MMNZ members if anyone went to Les Mills Britomart as I needed a gym buddy. There were a couple of members who went there and I ended up arranging to go to RPM with Caroline at the beginning of April; best decision ever!  I also went to Pump on Tuesday night with Tara!

We have been going regularly to RPM at least twice a week since then. I really love RPM; it is absolutely addictive! I think I went to RPM 4 times in one week; which is fantastic as I had not been going to the gym at all. The thought of just going and sitting on the cross-trainer for 45 minutes was boring the pants off me. So now I have an awesome, fat-burning, fitness-increasing 45 minute workout.

My favourite instructors are Tony (Kath’s old flatmate) who only teaches a couple of classes at the moment (New Lynn and Takapuna), Tommi (AMAZING) and Charlotte (Tuesday am at Britomart). I really think that having someone to go with and an awesome instructor help me get out of bed each morning.

This morning I was all booked in and I woke up at 5am and thought “I will just rest my eyes until 5.15/5.30” and then the alarm went off again and I talked myself out of it. You know how it goes “I am too tired, I want to sleep, it is too cold, and I will go on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday”. The mind is a powerful thing for talking yourself out of doing something. So I am not going to let it foil my plans again. I am going to make sure that I get to bed earlier and that my gym bag is always packed. 

I will no longer be my excuse!!

The exciting thing is that from the 7th May, our Shake Ups start again twice a week! So I need to change when I do RPM. So my exercise week should look like:

Monday ~ RPM (am)

Tuesday ~ Shake Up (am) / Pump or RPM (pm)

Wednesday ~ Rest

Thursday ~ Shake Up (am)

Friday ~ RPM (am)

Saturday ~ Weights (am) or Combat / Pump (am)

Sunday ~ Walk/Rest or Event

My goals for May are:

  • No pasta
  • No takeaways
  • Stop treating myself every day; because treats should only be treats!
  • Be under 140kg by the 1st June; achievable? Definitely!
  • Get out of bed and exercise!

What are your goals for May?


  1. My challenge this month is to cook more - you know, actually prepare real food from real ingredients! And you will get to hear *all about it*! I'm still contemplating doing the no-takeaway thing, but I'm just not convinced that that is going to happen with everything going on - so I'm just going to go back to taking it 'one step at a time' and this month focus on mostly healthy eating and getting into the cooking habit. How hard can it be, right? ;o)

    1. Yay for cooking more! Maybe you could limit the takeaways then? i.e. 2 per week and the rest are cooked meals or leftovers? :)