Friday, August 31, 2012

Upside Down Cardi

I no longer wear a watch but my smartphone is telling me that it is finally Friday!

It was not long into my day that I realised that perhaps a coffee before I left the house would have been advisable.

Picture this. I was killing sometime before a client meeting at 9am and decided to sit at a downtown atrium overlooking the water to have breakfast. I am actually struck by the irony that I would have been in the same place on a Friday night about 10 years ago on the dance floor with a drink (and probably cigarette) in my hand. The café is actually where the old Waterfront nightclub was.

I digress.

So I am sitting there tweeting and contemplating my morning coffee while looking out at the most spectacular day (spring is nearly here) and I thought “this is beautiful”. My breakfast consisted of a flat white, sparkling cranberry and lime and a cranberry, brie and smoked chicken bagel. Are you sensing a wee cranberry theme; no bladder infections here!  Oh that is funny “wee cranberry”!

As I was sipping my drink I realised that the seam of my cardigan was in an odd place so I tried to pull it around. Suddenly, my heart sank and I reached around the back only to find (horror of horrors) that I had put my cardigan on upside down? Seriously, who does that? Leaving the house wearing an UPSIDE DOWN CARDI!!! I could understand inside out, but upside down? I whipped it off and put it on properly ASAP. How could my husband not have told me? Thank goodness I realised before I went to see my client; although she would have just laughed.

Moral of the story is to drink a strong coffee before I leave the house and check my outfit in a long mirror.

The other thing I have realised when clipping the hair off my face is that I can never get both sides to look symmetrical. It drives me crazy!

In other news I have decided that I want to improve at blogging. I have found some excellent new blogs (and books by bloggers) that I cannot wait to read. It made me wonder why these bloggers had such a huge fan base that spans continents and it is because they are interesting, blog regularly, blog about different things and are funny. I am not really sure if I want to start a new blog or just make this one better.

It is Daffodil Day here in New Zealand and you can easily donate by texting DAFFODIL to 2447 for an automatic donation or by giving to the collectors that seem to be on every corner. Go on….you know you want to!


  1. Upside down cardi!! Now that's a new one! I thought I surely would have done that by now - good for you - very inventive :)

    Yeah, I'm intrigued by what makes a successful blogger (ie someone who has a big fanbase or can call it their career), as opposed to what doesn't. I'm learning a bit as I go along. I think it's about not being afraid to promote yourself and getting involved in blogging communities - facebook has helped me since I made a page for my blog. Still, some people baffle me! I know a blogger who always writes terribly with grammatical errors galore and ridiculous sentences that don't ever end. Her blog has a great concept behind it, but it's terribly difficult to read. Somehow, she is successful, has a good following and gets guest writing spots in magazines - what the hell?! :P

    1. Yes, it was crazy Kez!

      I am also intrigued about what makes a successful blogger as well. I wonder if it's being able to sustain a career as a blogger perhaps or lots of comments etc. I love your blog page on Facebook. Very cool. I pick up errors in my blog every now and then when I go back and read them....I always try and change them. I can't cope with blogs that are hard to read because of errors etc. It's pretty shocking. :(

  2. I wore a skirt inside out and back to front for an entire day, once. I felt mortified that nobody had told me. When I said something to people they looked quite puzzled and said, "We didn't notice either. Are you sure?"

    I used to adore huge earrings. In fact, the tackier and shinier and bigger, the better as far as I was concerned. And then one afternoon I realised that I could only feel one dangly earring brushing my face. Clapping my hand to my head I felt that I'd been missing one for, possibly, the entire morning. When I asked a colleague/friend who'd been on a 4 hour desk shift with me why she didn't point it out she said, "I thought it was a current fad where everyone was only wearing one gaudy earring." LOL Oy vey.

    I saw your comment on one of our Auckland Libraries' blog posts and was curious about your writing. (I'm the most active on our work tweetstream) and saw your tweet about your style of writing. Have been reading your posts and I enjoy your style. Very much. It is deeply personal, heartfelt and very funny. I've added your blog to my RSS feeds and will be following :)

    1. awww Tosca that would have been awful re: the skirt and then the earrings. I had a real chuckle when I read that.

      I have to say that you your comment has been one of the nicest that I have ever received on my blog. :) I just started reading yours after the blogging post and I was cracking up! It has been added to my reader. You are so witty.

      xx Ness

  3. Upside down - or right side up?!

    I'm interested to know what blogs and books you've found Ness - tell me moooooooooooooooooooooooorrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    1. No upside down. But not inside out.

      I found Tosca's blog. and there are some recommendations on bloggers and books written by said bloggers. All very exciting!