Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 Project 52 - Week 4

22nd– 28th January

Mark and I spent the weekend at my parents doing some thingsto help make it safer for them at home. Mark built this handrail for them andthen finished it off on Sunday. While he was finishing it off I waswater-blasting their brick path in the rain; I got covered from head to toe inmud and grit. I think next time I water-blast I will wear goggles!! There aremore things to do, but this was an amazing start.

A friend just posted a status update on Facebook to say thatthey are having a 'gardening working bee' at their house on the weekend. Ithink that this is a fabulous idea. A group of us did this for some friends afew years ago and it was both productive and fun. Also, at a time when most peopleare so busy it is nice to be able to band together to help friends, family and evenneighbours out. I am seriously considering doing something like this for myparents.

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  1. Good on you. The stairs look fab and the working bee is a great idea. I know that my hubby really appreciated the help that a friend gave him last year when he was building our deck, and he has since reciprocated by helping at the friend's house.