Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 Project 52 - Week 3

15th - 21st January

I made a commitment to save money by making lunches for work. This week was our first week back from a 4 week holiday and I'm pleased to say I made my lunch on the days that I was not training.

I made Mark's lunch all week bar Friday when he has lunch with the girls.

I tried to make sure we had a range of yummy and healthy items. My favourite snack was prunes and fresh blueberries.

This coming week I'm going to try adding more vegetables and savoury snacks. I'm excited that the February Healthy Food Guide has some fabulous lunch box ideas.

What do you take for lunch?


  1. Good on you Ness! I try to make the hubby and kids' lunches as much as I can too - takeaways are so expensive. I find that left overs from the night before are a great place to start.

    (And yes, I'm so ancient now having a 21 year old lol!!)

  2. Hey Cate, I am really enjoying making lunches. I try and make them interesting and "healthy". The latest Healthy Food Guide (Feb 2012) has some fantastic ideas for kids and adults lunches. Very cool. We haven't had takeaways this year and while I know that's only 26 days it's still amazing for us.

    Well you don't look "ancient".