Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 2 – w/c Saturday 8th January, 2011

Saturday (08/01/11) ~ Second day of cat sitting and I snapped this beautiful photo of this gorgeous wee boy. His name is Limpy and he was brought to Raewyn because he had been “found” and had an injured leg. He is amazing and wants cuddles constantly. I love him and wish Mark would let us have another cat. Because we cannot have another cat I have decided to pay for an x-ray for his leg to see what is wrong with it.

Sunday (09/01/11) ~ Third day of cat sitting…exhaustion as set in; I do not know how Raewyn does this daily, plus her normal job and trapping. I managed a feed and clean in the morning, then the gym (5th gym work out for the week), then lunch and then a catch up with Shona and John. Then I did a huge clean of all the litter trays etc. as rubbish day is Monday and when you do cat rescue rubbish day is an absolute blessing!

Monday (10/01/11) ~ First Monday at work for the year and it is all about the stress and energy vitamins! Also, it was the first day that Delish Cupcakes were open for the New Year, and I made the most amazing Tarragon Chicken on a bed of freshly steamed vegetables. So amazing…thanks Nigella!

Tuesday (11/01/11) ~ the only plaster I could find at work was a Lisa Simpson one….but it protected my thumb where I had stabbed it with a fork over the week. Co-worker scored a free coffee and gave it to me; so I had it with chocolate Yoyo (my nephew calls chocolate yoghurt, Yoyo…it’s unbearably cute).

Wednesday (12/01/11) ~ so I finally ran out of standard washing powder and I happily swapped to Wendyl’s Green Goddess laundry powder. It is concentrated so you use less. It is better for the environment. I can make my own and save money. It smells like Rose. It is a win-win situation. Carla and I (plus other people who are keen) are going to have a go at making our own environmentally friendly cleaning products; I am so excited!

Thursday (13/01/11) ~ I am still trying to remember to take a few photos each day…obviously on Thursday I did not. Fail!

Friday (14/01/11) ~ Here is Kitty-Kat. I love her so much. Enough said.

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