Friday, January 21, 2011

Limpy, Life and Cleansing Tears

This is Limpy. I love him so much. He is such a fighter. He was dropped off to Raewyn by a family who apparently “found” him and he seemed to have a sore leg. He was pretty quiet for the first few days and did a lot of sleeping, but he would talk to me when I came to feed and cuddle him. When Raewyn got back from a wee break she let him out of his cage and he had a great time with some of the other foster cats. I had already decided that since Mark and I really could not have another cat that I would pay for an x-ray for him. This week he had that x-ray and it turns out that his leg was healing from a break. The recommendation was that we wait for a few more weeks and see how he is doing. Prior to the x-ray he was already starting to put more and more weight on his sore leg.

Today is Friday and he had the x-ray on Tuesday. He did not really cope very well with the anaesthetic and Wednesday Raewyn took him back to the vet and he stayed with them overnight and was on fluids and medication. Turns out he was constipated. Yesterday morning (Thursday) Raewyn peeked in and he looked pretty bright and cheery. Last night when she picked him up he was very quiet and not really eating/drinking. She fed him pet milk and a bit of food. This morning he seems to have gone downhill a bit more. I am gutted and wept openly in the car in front of Mark. (I often cry cleansing tears before I come up with ways to change the things that make me sad). I kept asking myself “what if”. What if I had gone to the supermarket for Raewyn last night before it closed to get her more supplies like cooked chicken. What if we had waited another week for the x-ray? What if I had spent more time helping Raewyn and less time doing meaningless stuff like watching TV etc? What if I had just pushed through tiredness and just done more.

I know some people will see Limpy as “only a cat” but to me he represents so much more. He reminds me of our cat Bob who we basically hand-reared and brought back from near death. He reminds me of all the cats/kittens out there that need to be rescued rather than having to scavenge for food or die alone. He reminds me that all cats/kittens should be desexed before they are re-homed. He reminds me that people should not just give cats away for free without thinking through all the implications i.e. can the new owners pay for medical care if their cat requires it. He reminds me that as people we should be kinder other people and to all living creatures.

What I realised this morning is that sometimes the world we live in makes me sad and I wish I could do more. There are people in New Zealand and overseas that are struggling with the basics like food, water and shelter. There are far too many children dying in New Zealand as the result of abuse. There are far too many animals being tortured and killed by people that just do not seem to give a damn about life.

So one day at a time I am going to try and do more for other people and animals. I am going to try and be a better person, a better partner, a better daughter, a better sister, a better aunty, a better friend. I want to decrease my/our carbon footprint and try and make “green” choices, whether it is making my own cleaning products, using less plastic, growing more food or simply not using takeaway coffee/juice cups.

There is no alternative to earth. No alternative reality. So this world is all we have and we should be looking after it and each other more.

I will leave you with this fabulous
blog post by Leah. It has a great image and a cool message. The first couple of sentences really struck a chord for me. “This is your LIFE. Do what you love, and do it often. If you don’t like something, change it”.


  1. I really do hope that Limpy pulls through.

    I have the same feelings about animals and people. Hence the reason why I don't eat them or any of their byproducts. When it comes to people, I buy fairtrade and organic where possible.

    My aunt thinks it is crazy I am vegan, use Ecostore products and as environmentally friendly as I can get. I cringe at the toxic cleaning chemicals she uses and the amount of packaging she goes through. I recycle, upcycle and buy second hand clothing (I rarely buy new clothing, and with the voucher I'm getting, it is going towards new workout clothing, cause well, it will last me for 5 years!). I walk and use public transport. I buy as much local, organic food as possible.

    I could do more to reduce my carbon footprint - use cloth nappies on Lucian (in my defence, I used cloth nappies on him till he was 20 months old, and I couldn't afford to buy the next size up), grow my own veges (so I reduce my carbon miles). The list goes on.

    But on the face of it, I think I do a pretty good job. One day, I would love to be self-sustainable. Gotta win lotto first :-P

  2. Aww I hope Limpy gets better!

    Glad you liked the post :) Have you had a think about your One Little Word? Could it be more, or better, or give? I have found that having a one little word has focused me a lot. It might work for you too!

  3. I have a much higher regard for animals..they live in our world and like children have little or no control over what happens to them...

  4. hugs, and fingers crossed for gorgeous wee little Limpy and hugs to you for caring so much