Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 1 – w/c Saturday 1st January, 2011

A week in Photos ~ inspired by the lovely Sarah-Rose who I discovered via her blog and Twitter

Saturday (01/01/11) ~ we had a beautiful New Year’s Day lunch with my Mark, mum and dad in the beautiful, lush green of Titirangi. Note: photo is from Christmas day at our house as it shows some festiveness and I had not decided to do the year in photos at this stage.

Sunday (02/01/11) ~ I cannot really remember…probably a relaxing day at home with the cats. I did finally make the beautiful breakfast that I had been craving; fresh Apricots with Orange Juice, Vanilla Bean, Couscous and Vanilla Bean Yoghurt.

Monday (03/01/11) ~ first day back at the gym and first weigh-in for the New Year and managed to snap a gorgeous photo of Kitty-Kat in the garden

Tuesday (04/01/11) ~ spent most of the day sleeping as we were at A&E for 3 hours with my mum and dad until 2am. Last day of our Christmas/New Year break and we ended up having a lovely BBQ with our friends Raewyn and Roy. Note: no photo

Wednesday (05/01/11) ~ it was Mark and my first day back at work which was pretty good as I had cleared a lot of work emails during my time off. Managed to take a new photo of myself for Twitter.

Thursday (06/01/11) ~ managed to miss the gym but we still made it to work very early thanks in part to the fabulous traffic! Note: no photo

Friday (07/01/11) ~ last day of the week and we managed to make it to the gym which was amazing. This was my first day of cat sitting for my friend Raewyn while she took a well-deserved break up in Opononi, Northland. This is Benji; he is a rescue cat. Also, discovered Instagram and decided to do a year in photos.

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