Tuesday, July 8, 2014


This morning we did our normal Tuesday 6.10am RPM class at the gym.

I just want to say that I am never a box of ‘fluffies’ in the morning and my tolerance is normally pretty low due to lack of green tea (caffeine). However, what really shits me is people that talk throughout an entire class.

One thing that Delane made very clear when we were training with him last year is that if you want to chat then perhaps you should go out for a cup of coffee rather than doing exercise. Also, if you can hold a full on conversation with the person on the bike next to you then surely you are not working as hard as you can???? I know that I cannot hold a conversation with Mark when I am doing a speed track in RPM or a standing climb.

The reality is, is that when you are at the gym surely you are there to work out? 

The most satisfying moment was the woman one bike along leaning forward and telling them to stop talking. Best. Thing. Ever. 

So what annoys you when you work out?


  1. People chatting in a class sucks! I really hate it when people sit on their phones while on machines or hogging weights - seriously do your workout or get out of my way! ;)

    1. Yes...it's just so rude I agree re: sitting on their phones while on machines. I mean....can you just put the darn phone down please and do your workout? :)