Monday, July 21, 2014

Things I cannot get enough of

  • A lazy dinner for us is vegetarian nachos and I always make sure I get corn chips without many ingredients (really they should only have corn, oil and salt) and I found plain Doritos are the best!! I just want to eat them all the time; it is an addiction!
  • Since I started doing a lot of RPM most of my music is now ‘gym’ music however a couple of songs have snuck through recently that I love. ‘I Got U (feat. Jax Jones)’ by Duke Dumont and ‘Nobody toLove’ by Sigma
  • On my search for new clothing I found (through recommendation) ASOS Curve
  • Flipping Arnott’s Butternut Snap Cookies are totally AMAZING! I am sure they were created by the devil to derail good eating habits
  • I love Bliss Balls and am enjoying trying different recipes

What's floating your boat right now? 


  1. Have you ordered anything from ASOS Curve yet? I have found quite a few pretty things that I would like but I am nervous about hitting that buy buttom and then it not being the right size for me!

    1. No I haven't Tara and I have a the same fear. My friend had a work colleague that ordered a top and a pair of pants to get a feel for the sizes and then went all in :) I do have a couple of items that I do want to order and they are sitting in my cart.

      I did order from another website though and I am excitedly waiting for those tops to turn up.

    2. OOPS