Monday, July 14, 2014

Fashion Sense (or current lack of)

I used to work in the retail fashion industry when I was at University and I had a beautiful wardrobe full of pretty clothing.

Somewhere between then and now my fashion sense has flat-lined and the clothing in my wardrobe has dwindled and it needs a jump-start ASAP.

One issue is that there are some limitations to reviving my ailing wardrobe. While these are mostly financial, I do not want to go and buy a whole lot of pretty clothes only to lose weight in the next few months and have to get rid of them and buy more.

So what to do….

One of my friends suggested perhaps wearing a bit of a make up to give me a fairly instant lift even if it is just a bit of eye make-up and some lip-gloss. I can do that!

My next idea is to pull out all my clothing and go through everything piece-by-piece to see what I need to help make my wardrobe a bit more versatile and also funky.

I need to take the time to go shopping for clothes rather than making impulse purchases and end up with a whole lot of clothing that I am unlikely to wear.

Recently, I found an amazing plus-size (although she is probably about a 14-16) blogger from the States; she has an absolutely incredible style! Looking through her different posts it is clear that you can dress clothing up or down depending on the accessories you pair things with. This means that clothing that I save for “special occasions” can become a part of my day-to-day wardrobe and I will get more use out of it. The link to Girl with Curves blog is here

I also love Lisa’s style and her ability to combine different styles and patterns to create a really young, vibrant look.

I also need some new shoes and I am really struggling as I do not fit the shoes from No 1 Shoe Warehouse which means I have to go to shops that are a bit more expensive. I just need some more shoes so that I am not wearing the same shoes every day and I can give them a rest between wearing them.

How often do you shop for clothes and shoes? Any shops I should definitely check out??


  1. I like Asos for cheap, cheerful fashion pieces. Places like lovisa and diva are great for accesories to update any outfit. I've found I buy less fashions bits of clothing these days and stick with more classic pieces. I then change them up with accesories like scarves and Jewellery. Rubi shoes is also great for shoes you might only wear one season and they are fairly priced. I believe they to up to a size 11 or 12 shoe. Good luck xx

    1. Thanks :)

      Believe it or not I hadn't heard of ASOS before I wrote this blog. If I had then I probably didn't realise they did larger sizes. I have been looking at their clothing and will probably order a few pieces and see how I go.

      I have a few scarves and they mostly match my outfits.

      I think I might have found a shoe shop in the UK that actually make shoes and boots to order which is pretty exciting :)

  2. I totally get what you're saying. I am considering cancelling my plans for a girls' dinner tonight because I seriously have nothing to wear. Today might be the day that I finally get rid of most of my wardrobe, or at least sort what I can keep and what I should donate. It's a nice problem to have that my clothes now hang off me but I don't want to buy anything new until I've finished losing weight (4 kg ~ 4 more months, going by my usual progress). I'm also a dreadful shopper with NO self confidence so buying cheaper temporary clothes leaves me cold.

    1. Oh I definitely know that feeling well re: considering cancelling plans for things. :(

      I think that pulling everything (including underwear etc.) out of your draws, wardrobes etc. and chucking it on the bed is a good start. Then you can try things on (with a mirror) and decide if you want to keep them or not. I guess once you have a base of clothes then you can start to add a few more pieces in. :)

      It's also hard when you are in a transition phase with weight-loss. Perhaps just get a few things to see you through for the time being.

      Maybe you just need to find a couple of shops that you like with sales assistants who know what they are doing :)